Thurakitsarasonthet School (โรงเรียนธุรกิจสารสนเทศ) established in 1996, provides educational services to both professionals and younger learners. Bright Future International Training & Services (BFITS) was born in 2002 as part of Thurakitsarasonthet School to cater to the growing need for English Instruction in Thailand. Today, the company serves over 25 programs in 18 private and government schools throughout Thailand . We believe in delivering modern and integrated educational programs that respond to the needs of our learners.
BFITS is a full service English education provider promising a comprehensive learner-centered experience. We pride ourselves in taking a proactive approach to the learning experience. Our use of technology allows us to tailor our programs to suit the needs of the learner and school while maintaining a high standard of education at low costs. BFITS works in partnership with client schools to provide responsive educational programs.

About-1          The global community and its modern functions have brought about a great need for effective communication in the universal language of English. BFITS responds to this necessity with innovative programs that put the Thai student at the center of the learning experience.
About-2          The BFITS Programs provide students with a modern curriculum to develop the enjoyment of, and commitment to learning by means of engaging and stimulating activities.
We build on students? strengths, interests and experiences and develop their confidence in their capacity to learn and work both independently and collaboratively, and to promote an enquiring mind with the capacity to think critically.
We equip our students with the necessary language skills of speaking, listening, reading, and writing for effective communication. In addition, we teach essential learning skills of literacy, numeracy and technological capability through the study of English, Science, Mathematics and Information and Communication Technology (ICT).
We prepare students to be globally competitive. We shape future leaders and success stories by cultivating real world skills through comprehensive curriculum and modern instruction by quality teachers.