Buriram-Pittayakom-Head-GalleryBuriram Pittayakom is a distinguished secondary school conveniently located in downtown Buriram. It admits secondary students (Mathayom 1-6, equivalent to grades 7-12). Founded in 1904, it then became the first coeducational school in Buriram. The school?s former names were Buriram Witthayalai School and Satree Si Buriram School. The school has fifteen buildings, ten of which hold classrooms. The classrooms are fitted with dedicated air conditioners and LCD projectors.

The province of Buriram can be found in the northeastern part of Thailand. Burirum City is one of the key cities in the Northeast in terms of development and location. It is an excellent place to experience authentic, rural Thai life in the Issan setting while still having access to the amenities found in its progressive city.

Buriram Pittayakom offers a Full English Program (EP) that consists of 18 hours of content subject lessons per student in a completely English classroom. There are three primary subjects that are taught which are English Literature & Grammar, Mathematics and Science at five hours a week per subject. The three secondary subjects offered, Literary Science and Social Studies at 2 hours per week per subject and Health at 1 hour per week. Currently there are six grade levels being taught at Buriram Pittayakom, Mathayom 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6. Each class typically has a maximum of 30 students.

Buriram Pittayakom also boasts of a 5-hour Intensive Communicative English Program for Mathayom 1 through 6 and a 2-hour Conversational English Program for Mathayom 3 through 6. These programs focus solely on English Language skills. Each class typically has a maximum of 30 students for ICEP and up to 50 students for CEP.