Hua Kiew Buriram is an influential elementary school located in central Buriram. The province of Buriram can be found in the northeastern part of Thailand. Buriram City is a key commercial and transportation hub in the area. This rural area is ideal for an authentic Issan experience while having convenient access to city life amenities.

Hua Kiew Buriram offers a Mini English Program (MEP) that consists of 15 hours of lessons per student in a completely English classroom. There are three primary subjects that are taught which are English Literature & Grammar, Mathematics at five hours a week per subject and Science at 4 hours per week. The one secondary subject taught is Health at 1 hour per week. Currently there are two grade levels being taught at Hua Kiew Buriram, Prathom 1 and 2. The classrooms are fitted with dedicated air conditioners and LCD projectors. The number of students per class ranges to a maximum of 30 students.