Maripitak-School-Head-GalleryMarie Pitak school is a prestigious coeducational private school serving preschool through Grade 6. It was founded on 3 acres of land in downtown Nang Rong on Dec 3, 1978 with only 350 students and 10 teachers. The school has now grown to serve over 1,200 students expanding its area to almost 4 acres. Keeping with the high standards of the Marie group of private schools is Northeastern Thailand, Marie Pitak earnestly strives for academic excellence and continues to be top ranking institution in regional competitions. The campus is fairly large and well-kept. Free lunch is served at the school lunch hall which also turns into a venue for events such as Wai Kru Day and Mother?s Day and open house.

Nang Rong is located in the Northeastern region of Thailand known as Isan. This region is well known for its rich historical and cultural heritage with Thai, Lao and Khmer influences. Nang Rong is an old city dating back to the Khmer Empire beset with natural beauty and a long history. Today, its old town charm is still what sets this city apart. Customs and traditions are still observed whilst modern technology and amenities like Tesco and 7-11 make life more comfortable.

Marie Pitak school is home to a highly successful 5-hour Intensive Communicative English Program(ICEP) from Prathom 1 to Prathom 6. The curriculum engages the learner to build a solid foundation of the basic skills and produce the language naturally through comprehensive classroom experiences with a native speaker. Dedicated ICEP classrooms are air-conditioned with complete multimedia consoles and internet access. . Each class typically has a maximum of 35 students.