Rung-Arun-Witthaya-School-Head-GalleryRung Arun Wittaya School is a private Catholic school located in Pak Chong in the province of Nakon Ratchasima. It is a distinguished, co-educational institution serving Preschool through Grade 12; for the older students, the school boasts O-Net scores above the national average. The school has a friendly and inviting atmosphere and teachers are encouraged to be a part of the community through participation in school activities and assemblies. Teachers are also welcome to take part in the free lunch served at the canteen and to sit and socialize with the other teachers. The school facilities are well-resourced and the classrooms used by BFITS teachers are especially lavish as they were built for one of the princesses.

The school itself is located in the downtown Pak Chong and a five minute walk to either of the two bus stations. The most common methods of getting around town are by motorbike taxi or songtaew, which run along the main road. The town is located about 30 minutes by car from Khao Yai national park and as a result, boasts beautiful scenery and cooler temperatures in the winter months. It takes about one and a half hours to reach Korat and three hours to go to Bangkok by bus or van.

Rung Arun Wittaya offers a 5-hour Intensive Communicative English Program (ICEP) for Prathom 1 through Prathom 6. This program boasts of a comprehensive curriculum that builds and hones all aspects of the student?s English Language skills on a daily basis. Each class typically has a maximum of 30 students.