Saipanya-Rangsit-Head-GallerySaipanya Rangsit is located in Rangsit just outside the Greater Bangkok area and is a co-ed school that offers a unique learning experience. It is accessible by bus or van from Victory Monument. It is a 10 minute drive from Rangsit University. The classrooms are fitted with dedicated air conditioners and LCD projectors. The number of students per class ranges from 25 ? 35 students.

Saipanya Rangsit offers a Mini English Program (MEP) that consists of 17 hours of lessons per student in completely English classroom. There are three primary subjects that are taught which are English Literature & Grammar, Mathematics and Science at five hours a week per subject. Three secondary subjects are offered, ICT, Literary Science and Digital English at 2 hours a week per subject. Currently six grade levels are taught at Saipanya Rangsit, Mathayom 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6.

Saipanya Rangsit also boasts of a 3-hour Intensive Communicative English Program for Mathayom 1 through 6 and a 1-hour Conversational English Program for Mathayom 2 through 6. These programs focus solely on English Language skills. Each class typically has a maximum of 30 students for ICEP and up to 50 students for CEP.