satriwithaya-stwSatriwithaya School is a top-tiered prestigious all-girl public school located in Bawornniwet, Phanakhorn area in Bangkok. It was initially a private school that was founded in the reign of King Rama V in 1900. The teacher and owner of the school was Madam Lucie Dunlap who was later promoted as the first headmaster by the Thai educational department. In 1901 when the school was continuously progressing, Madam Lucie Dunlap decided to give the school to the education department and she got promoted as a principal by the education department.
Satriwithaya School is renowned for its academic success as it is the first school in Thailand to launch an intensive course for its junior high school students in 2002. The students at Satriwithaya School have also won more than 84 rewards in academic contests in Math, Science, and English from both domestic and foreign events. To date, there are approximately 3,611 students enrolled in this school.

Satriwithaya School offers a Mini English Program (MEP) that consists of English Grammar, Effective Writing, English Drama, English for Presentation, English for Smart Kids, English for Tourism, English for Further Education, Communicative Grammar, and English for Communication. Currently four grade levels are taught at Satriwithaya School: Mathayom 1, 2, 3, and 4. The classrooms are fitted with dedicated air conditioners, LCD projectors and Interactive Whiteboards. The number of students per class typically has a maximum of 35 students.