Streesmutprakhan-Head-GalleryStreesmutprakhan is a well-respected school located in Samut Prakhan, just a few kilometers southeast of Bearing BTS station. Streesmutprakan is known for its high standards of academic instruction producing students who have won in international competitions. Samut Prakan, also known as Pak Nam, is located 29 kilometers south of Bangkok around the area where the Chao Phraya River flows into the Gulf of Thailand. It is a town that dates back to the Ayutthaya period. Samut Prakan is not a popular tourist destination but it is home to numerous historical and cultural sites as well as such attractions as a crocodile farm, the Dinosaur Museum, Muang Boran Ancient City, and the Erawan Museum.

Streesmutprakhan offers a Full English Program (EP) that consists of 18 hours of lessons per student in the English Language. There are three primary subjects that are being taught, English Literature & Grammar, Mathematics and Science at five hours a week per subject. The two secondary subjects are Social Studies at 2 hours per week per subject and Health at 1 hour per week. Currently two grade levels are taught at Streesmutprakhan, Mathayom 1 and 2. The classrooms are fitted with dedicated air conditioners and LCD projectors. The number of students per class ranges from 25 – 35 students for EP.

Streesmutprakhan also boasts of a 5-hour Intensive Communicative English Program for Mathayom 1 through 5 and a 1-hour Conversational English Program for Mathayom 1 through 6. These programs focus solely on English Language skills. Each class typically has a maximum of 30 students for ICEP and up to 50 students for CEP.